Agios Theodoros Cathedral

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  • Agiou Theodorou Paphos Cyprus
  • Attraction: Point Of Interest
This cathedral, in the south-east corner of Old Town, is a useful landmark.
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It is also home to a number of cats. Looking at the setup, I would hazard a guess that it is one of the feeding points used by the Paphos Cat Lady. I met this formidable woman once, in the car park below the main Old Town Bus Stop, by the broken lift. There is a skip by the parking spaces, and it is home to quite a few stray cats. I was photographing one of them with my 360 camera, which is held on the end of a longish selfie stick. I had finished the shot when this lady jumped out of a car and demanded to know what I was doing. She thought I was attacking one of the cats, but I explained that I was taking a picture. Once she realised I wasn't attacking one of her children she relaxed and told me all about her work and her cats.

Before anybody criticises her for feeding the strays, she also has them speyed.

Oh and a tip of the hat to David Mitchell's Motor Store for sponsoring her with one of their cars.



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