"A Day In Kyrenia"

'A Day In Kyrenia', By the children of Paphos

An artwork from the bi-communal prject 'Common Ground'

During the project Common Ground (2016) the children created two public artworks using the Cypriot technique of cementography. the project's main theme was 'Exchange'. During a series of workshops the children from Paphos and Kyrenia exchanged drawings, stones and earth from their towns. the artwork crweated in Paphos was created using the stones, earth and drawings from the children of Kyrenia and the artwork in Kyrenia was created using the stones, earth and drawings from the children of Paphos. A part of Paphos will now remain in Kyrenia and a part of Kyrenia will remain in Paphos throuhg the two finished public artworks.

Common Ground Team: Miriam McConnon (project coordinator), Bahar Chirali, tereza Markidou, Sulvia Nicolaides, Nicholas Iordanou, Linda Asurfuoglu.

A project by the EUropean Capital of Culture - Pafos2017


Kids Cementography Picture

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