Street Art 2015 #4

An interesting piece by Miriam McConnon for Street Art Square 2015.  I caught up with her recently and she had this to say about her piece:

"The street art piece I did is called 'Wall of Cups'. It was part of a street art festival organized by artist Yiannis Sakellis to regenerate the old town shopping area. The concept behind my piece is the notion of a domestic partition which is a subtle divide in society on a domestic level. It can be associated with the partition of Cyprus or indeed social discriminations between different factions of any  society."

Miriam is an Irish artist, who has worked on many Cyprus projects promoting peace between the two communities. This is taken from Miriam McConnon's website:

Irish Artist Miriam Mc Connon is the creator of the project Common Ground. A Bi-communal art project aimed to bring Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot children from opposite sides of the Green Line partition closer together. The project Common Ground is one of the main events to celebrate the Cypriot City of Paphos becoming Cultural Capital of Europe in 2017.

From her website it is clear that Miriam is also involved with Cementography. You will see a whole series of this style of art in Old Town.

Street Art 2015 Part 4 DistantStreet Art 2015 Part 4 Close Up

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