Changing But Still The Same

"Changing but still the same" is a mural by Dimitris Taxis, for Street Art Square Festival 2017.

Paphos is a small city that has been the Capital of Culture in 2017. For the past few years the city started changing into more of “new age” city. New big buildings including theatres, opera have been constructed. Old small houses and shops are demolished for the new ones taking their place. Big old traditional buildings are reconstructed… Tremendous effort has been made by the Mayor of Paphos the last 3 years to develop the city, so the scenery of Paphos seems like the traditional old town is running as fast as it can to catch the modern way of life as quickly as possible. Elderly locals working and tourists visiting… This is why Dimitris has decided not to paint something figurative this time, but to paint an abandoned tractor which is waiting for the new one to come and replace it…

Tractor Mural Close Up

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